So About Me?
Who am I,  a mother, wife,daughter,sister,niece,friend,cousin,granddaughter, you know .........

...Family is everything
...Lots of laughter
...Being real is very important to me
...Love milk chocolate and popcorn
...Fabulous old houses and antiques, thirft stores
...Nature {love to hike in the mountains}
...Great music {the old stuff is my favorite}
...Lots of caffeine {to keep up with the little ones}
...Happy endings {especially those tear jerker's}

And last but not least my Love for photography!
I never leave home without my camera.  It's like american express don't leave home without it.
A Note to my family and friends : Thank you for fostering my love of photography. Without you this would not be possible. My love for all you is endless. A special thank you to S.S.S.

Also a big thank you to Jayme Judge for taking this photo of me:)